December 31, 2010

2010 - A Book Year in Review

I didn't read as much as planned but I had many other things to do so I'm after all proud I didn't give up on reading or blogging. I think I perhaps overdid it a bit too. I need to learn to keep it reasonable and not spend all my free time on the blogs. There is a real life after all and I should try to spend more time with the real world. But it's fun so we will see how I can manage that. Yes I'm a blogging addict.

Here are the stats for 2010:

122 books - woot
18 Megan Hart books - yes it's scary...I swear I'm not stalking ;)
41 Contemporary Romance - yep it's getting more and more
10 Science Fiction =( - me a bad geek
7 Historicals =) - steady incline
6 DNFs - I'm stronger than I thought
81 reviews - yes I'm shocked myself

Yeah I was shocked about how many Megan Hart books I read and that i just read 10 sci-fis. I have to redeem the latter in 2011. And only around 30 books I didn't review. That is wow but I think I should do less. I'm starting to feel pressured about reviewing so perhaps I should read more just for me. We will see how that works out.
On another note I signed up to 2 reading challenges and yeah I forgot them sometimes in January. I think I read at least 10 eroticas but no Outlander book so I think these challenges aren't for me cuz I'm too prone for forgetting them. *hides in shame*

But I read some really good ones this year. You can take a look at my full list here but I will tell you my personal Top 10 reads of 2010 (in no particular order) naw and give you the shortest explanation why *g*
  • - Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews - Curran and Kate getting smexy ;)
  • - Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs - Finally a bit more Adam!
  • - Naked by Megan Hart - Alex deserved this book even more than we did!
  • - The Road to Shanhasson by Joely Sue Burkhart - Gregar *le sigh*
  • - Three Over Par by Cathryn Brunet - Wow, intense!

  • - Amidst a Crowd of Stars by Megan Hart - So sad!
  • - Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead - Made my heart bleed!
  • - Anytime Darlin' by Julia Rachel Barrett - Heartbreakingly real.
  • - Double Cross by Carolyn Crane - Carolyn is made of evil!
  • - Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart - Showed my I still can love non Romance books!
I'm also happy to have met so many great people this year. Blogging really connects and I can't imagine my life without some of them.
Special thanks go to

  • - Caroline aka pattepoilue - for making me giggle even when I thought I couldn't take anymore.
  • - The rest of the Book Lovers Inc gals - for being fun to work with!
  • - Julia Rachel Barret - for listening to my ranting and being a great person to talk to. I love to discuss things with her- she's just awesome.
  • - Megan Hart - for the best reading hours this year.
  • - BF - for understanding all this blogging and reading stuff

I blogged like the madwoman I am- 131 posts on The Geeky Bookworm and 149 posts on Book Lovers Inc. It seems I really am crazy and should slow a bit down. Not sure how to achieve that but will work something out.

So New Year resolutions for me:
  • - read more
  • - read more science fiction
  • - blog less
  • - don't review so much and start enjoying the reading more
  • - be yourself
  • - stay away from reading challenges
Sounds good to me. How was your reading year 2010? Any reading resolutions you will try to achieve?

Guten Rutsch into the new year!


December 29, 2010

Review: Head over Heels by Annemarie Hartnett

That whole “no nookie” rule seemed like a good idea until Chrissie got under the covers with Sam.

When Chrissie declared a moratorium on hooking up for this group road trip, she didn’t think a miscommunication with a hotel desk clerk would put her in the same bed with Sam.

A total dork wrapped in a nice package, Sam has been the object of her vacation lust since day one. Once she’s huddled together under the covers with him the rules go out the window.

Can Sam and Chrissie turn their carefree holiday fling into something more?

Reader Advisory: This book contains some toy play.

I think I'm totally in love with this cover. So yes I just couldn't wait to start reading this book when I finally got my greedy hands on it. I adored Company of Fools and yes my expectations where high before I started reading. I expected a scorching hot and funny read to keep me warm in this brutal winter and that's exactly what I got.

In Head over Heels we meet a group of friends on an adventure trip through nature. Most of their group already escaped back to civilization and only 4 friends are left. Chrissie, our heroine is really attracted to the rather geeky Sam. But she has her own no nookie rule holding her back. Chrissie is a nice person most of the time but sometimes she starts to talk before she thinks- a think I can really relate too. She's also stubborn as hell and won't part with her own prejudices and "rules" no matter how stupid they are.

Sam is a sexy geeky guy and you know I love those.  He's full of surprises and not at all what you would think of when you imagine a geek (but those mostly never are what the name suggests). He's funny and so sweet at times- heart-meltingly cute. These two together can keep you warm- I loved those sex scenes. Very inventive but never too much. Just two young people having fun. The romance is light but I enjoyed the slow build up.

I always love how easy Ms Hartnett's stories flow. It's like talking to friends- easy and just natural. Her humor is exactly the kind I love and she made me giggle more than once. The storyline itself was a bit predictable at the end but I didn't really mind because she kept me smiling the whole time.

Head over Heels is a really hot and cute story- perfect to keep you entertained on a cold winter night. I know I will keep my eyes open for more of Ms. Hartnetts stories.

To learn more about Annemarie and her books please visit her website here.
Read other reviews @goodreads. Buy the book at @Total-E-Bound


December 28, 2010

ARC Review: Deadlock by Moira Rogers

Carmen Mendoza's shapeshifter father abandoned her. Raised by her psychic mother, Carmen ignored her paternal family's political machinations--until the day they decided to use her in their bid for power. Trapped between two worlds and snared by a vicious spell meant to wake her inner wolf, Carmen's only hope is to trust the one man strong enough to soothe her darkest instincts.

Born a pureblood wolf, Alec Jacobson lives as a rebel, the black sheep alpha who protects the supernatural residents of New Orleans from wolf politics. Too bad he can't protect himself from his need for Carmen. Staking a claim on his enemy's niece will turn his city into a battleground, unless he can find a way to stop breaking the rules--and start making them.

After what felt like a never ending wait we finally get the chance to dive into the wonderful world of the Southern Arcana series again. I loved the first  books and Deadlock didn't disappoint at all. I just say Alec. *insert swoony voice*

Carmen Mendoza is an empath working as a doctor in the local independent hospital. She knows how the shapeshifter politics work first hand because her ambitious father left her and her family to secure his political station. She put her back on everything connected to this prejudiced and discriminating system and tries her best to stay out of it. But her family just won't let it go. Her uncle and father are working together to right the "wrong" he did by marrying her mother. They want her to accept an "appropriate" husband who had the right position in the werewolf society. But Carmen won't budge. She's a strong woman and won't give in. I love her- Carmen is compassionate, strong and won't back down even from the strongest alpha. Being an empath makes her better at her job and improves the way she understands and helps people.  I really liked her. She's a good person but her character didn't stand out enough.

But then we have Alec. *swoons* That guy makes my knees weak. He's the big bad alpha- possesive and protective of what he sees as his. Stubborn but also very sexy. He's a caretaker and sets everyone else's needs over his own. His past is branded with heartbreak and betrayal and he keeps his heart behind tons of shields to avoid being hurt again. I loved him to pieces. He's my kind of alpha hero. Strong, passionate, dirty but not overbearing or too stubborn. He always said the right things to make my toes curl and I really start to swoon again every time I think about him. He's in my top 5 heroes of 2010- and all mine. ;)

As always the worldbuilding and pace of this book was masterly done. I was drawn into the story from the start. This world is one of this rare gems that makes you think- it combines a paranormal world with a political system based on prejudices and intolerance that make you think about the world we live in. I love when a book makes me think. But the best thing about the Southern Arcana series for me is the way Moira Rogers includes the sidecast. Each story doesn't focus 100% on our couple but we also see the characters we loved in the previous books. And I so can't wait to read about Kat and Andrew- and I swear to god these two deserve a HEA. I so can't wait.

Deadlock is a great addition to this series. It's an action packed paranormal romance with a swoon worthy hero and a lovable heroine. Moira Rogers writes in a way that draws you in and won't let you go till you read the last word. For me her books are going on top of my tbr pile as soon as I get them. If you haven't started this series yet: what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Crux and believe me you won't regret it for one second. Great book in an awesome series.
To learn more about Donna and Bree (the author duo behind Moira Rogers) and their books please visit the Moira Rogers website here.

The Southern Arcana Series:
1. Crux: my review, reviews @goodreads
2. Crossroads: my review, reviews @goodreads
3. Deadlock: reviews @goodreads release date: January 4th
4. Cipher (Andrews book *g*) September 2011 ebook release / print release in 2012


December 20, 2010


It's still freakish cold and snowy in Germany and it took me 50 minutes instead of 15 to get to work today. So not much time for this....have to catch up on work.

The winner of a book of her choice by Tina Donahue is....



Congrats! Please email me at thegeekybookworm AT gmail DOT com

You have 48 hours to reply or I will draw a new winner.
Happy Monday everyone!


December 13, 2010

Guestpost by Tina Donahue + Giveaway

I'm very happy to welcome Tina Donahue here at The Geeky Bookworm again. Her new novel, Sensual Stranger will be released the Wednesday and she's here to celebrate her new release. Please give Tina a warm welcome. 

When Things Start to Heat Up…

Don’t you love that point in a romance where the barriers between the hero and heroine begin to crumple? For me, the verbal foreplay and the prolonged, heated gazes always bring on a smile and the hunger for more.

In Sensual Stranger, my newest erotic romance, circumstances haven’t allowed Toni and Zach to be obvious about their attraction. Oh, it’s there, but they keep fighting it during their first hours together.

When they’re finally alone, free of outside distractions, vulnerable to each other’s allure, they have no protection. For Toni, it’s the beginning of a journey she couldn’t have imagined.

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt to show you what I mean:


Into his life she came—wanting…willing…wanton

It’s no ordinary morning when Toni Starr arrives at Zach’s garage. Flat broke, with a past she won’t share, Toni’s instantly taken by such a potently virile man. Direct and unashamed, she tells him she’s a motorcycle performance artist who needs work and knows motors.

Zach knows women, and Toni’s unlike any he’s met. Lushly sensuous, exceedingly assured, she’d easily be his match in business and bed. A provocative challenge that stirs him as nothing has since losing his wife. A chance he’s reluctant to take, offering no more than a month’s employment, then she’ll have to be on her way.

The hours tick by. Each word and glance intensifies their denied yet escalating desire, forcing them to surrender to passion and Toni’s need for Zach’s dominance. Driven by carnal hunger, conquered by yearning, they face the unforeseen truth of Toni’s past and a future neither of them expected.


At last the garage was empty except for her and Zach. Toni’s heart beat out of control. Taking a full breath became increasingly difficult. She felt awkward suddenly, not knowing what to say or to do.
Toni knew what she wanted—Zach to touch her, to fuck her hard and long—suspecting he wanted it too. Even so, she needed to be certain not to cross an invisible line between employee and boss, risking her job, which meant letting him make the first move.
He joined her by the cabinet, leaning against it, stretching out his left leg.
Their arms were only a few inches apart. She smelled a hint of coffee on his breath and imagined the heat of his skin. Pleasant sensations rolled through her.
In a softened voice, he asked, “How’d it go today?”
Wanting to tease, unable to stop herself, she said, “Better than you expected?”
He laughed. “You do good work.”
She grinned so hard it hurt her cheeks. His praise meant everything, more than he would ever know. It moved her like a baby’s first smile for its mother. It filled her as no food or drink could. She recalled her father’s approval, still missing it after so many years. Reluctant to allow those sweet memories to bring back all the others, ones she’d buried for too long, she teased, “Yeah, I know.”
Zach’s smile brightened briefly at her sass, then fled with his questioning look. “So what now?” He regarded her grease-and-oil-stained overalls.
Uncertain as to what he meant, not wanting to ruin anything in case she’d read him wrong, she joked, “You pay me for a day’s work? And while you head out, I clean up here and see you in the morning?”
“Where are you planning on staying tonight, Toni?” He looked at her, his expression serious. “Were you thinking of crashing in my office?”
A wave of heat surged to her throat and face at him guessing her thoughts. He had a reasonably comfortable sofa in there that looked as if he’d spent more than a few nights on it. “I won’t take anything,” she promised, her voice laced with embarrassment. “I’m not a thief.”
“No one said you were.” He pushed away from the cabinet and went to the wall switch, flipping the controls for the bay doors. He spoke loud enough so she could hear him over the rattling metal. “Finish up, then come into my office.”
As he moved toward it, Toni’s heart beat painfully in hope and worry. Hope that he’d let her stay in there. Worry that he’d changed his mind about her employment, intending to terminate her because she was still essentially a stranger. “Why?”
He stopped and looked over. The doors reached the floor, thwacking it. “So I can take you home.”
Stupidly, she stared at him. “What?”
He turned to face her. “You don’t have any money to spend on a motel room and you’ve already said you won’t be going back to the shelter. So I’m offering you a place to stay.”
Not understanding, Toni shook her head. “With who?”
His gaze roamed her. “Me.”
Her heart stumbled on several beats at his answer and the renewed intensity in his eyes.
As their silence lengthened, his demeanor shifted back to the forced restraint she’d seen earlier. “Don’t worry,” he said, his voice neutral, subdued. “I know how to handle myself.” He headed for his office again.
Without thinking, she called out, “I know that.” She could see and hear it.
Once more, he stopped and looked over.
“And I’m not worried,” she added.
Without warning, something dark and dangerous flared in his eyes, telling her she should be. He wasn’t a man to be toyed with. If a woman desired him, he’d enjoy her anyway he chose, and once he started nothing would stop him. He’d take what he wanted while providing equal pleasure.
Desire weakened Toni’s legs. She leaned against the cabinet, needing it for support.
“Don’t make me wait,” he said, domination and a hint of pleasure in his voice. Not giving her a chance to respond, he went into his office.
Moments later, she heard him tossing clipboards from his desk to the file cabinet next to it.
Gaze turned inward, she tried to picture his place, an apartment surely, just large enough for two. Would he offer her his bedroom or would he tell her to sleep on the sofa? During the night, would he come to her, unable to stay away, his big body trapping hers against the cushions, one hand holding her wrists above her head while his other roamed?
Her lids slid down on a lusty sigh.
She swallowed at the thought of his rigid cock pressed against her mound, showing her his need as he pulled her top away, baring her breast, lowering his mouth to it, pulling the stiffened nipple inside.
Her cunt clenched in arousal, delivering a rush of moisture at the image of his hot, soft lips surrounding her areola while his bristly cheeks scraped the delicate swell of her breast. Of him wanting no woman except her.
Had he ever loved anyone?
Even if he had, Toni sensed he didn’t now. He wouldn’t be bringing her to his home if he had a girlfriend he cared about. He wouldn’t be offering her a place to sleep. He wouldn’t be crossing a fragile line separating employer from employee, man from woman, stranger from lover.
He wouldn’t be telling her not to make him wait with a hint of danger in his eyes.

Sensual Stranger will be available December 15th.

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Sensual Stranger, Tina is offering a contest today. 

One lucky commenter will have her choice of one of her following books:

1.Lush Velvet Nights – ebook
2.Adored – ebook
3.Deep, Dark, Delicious – ebook
4.Close to Perfect – mass market paperback
5.Bad Boys with Red Roses – trade paperback
6.Take My Breath Away – trade paperback

Winner chosen at random. Winner in continental US has her choice of one of the six. 

Just tell us what you love most about romance.

Winner outside continental US has her choice of one of the ebooks.

Please leave me a way to contact you (email in blogger profile or twitter name is okay).

Giveaway ends on Sunday December 19th and I will announce the winner in the following week.

Good Luck!


December 10, 2010

It's Party time.....Happy Birthday Caroline!!!!!

So today is a very special day. The wonderful Caroline is celebrating the day we all were gifted with her presence for the first time. Yes, take a sec to cherish this. ;) I'm a nice friend so I won't tell you how long ago that was but she's still grasshopper that makes me feel old. LOL

So today we're throwing a big party for Caro, to show her how much we love her. She's an essential part of Book Lovers Inc and one of my closest friends. I really don't know what I would do without her. She's my personal sunshine and always makes me happy, in a totally un-dirty way. Okay, I will stop being all emotional right now and we will get the party started.

First we have to move to warmer climate cuz I know that Caro isn't very fond of the evil snow. So lets pretend for a sec that we are here, on St. Lucia under these wonderful palm-trees enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

So to get the party started we can all grab a drink. I know Caro loves these wonderful kiwi drinks so here you go ladies. And what did I forget? We need music, something with a good rhythm to shake our booties? Ohhhhhh I know there is that one band who always makes her feel better.

So here we go with first act of the party....Peter Fox with Alles Neu (Everything New):

So what now? Ohhhhh I now: Pressssssies!!!!! So what does Caro want for her bday?  I can think of a few things: First thing is the always wanted nakes male maid. *g* Wait have to look for one...... he comes. I'm happy to introduce Christian. And look he brought something to drink for us. Such a sweety and Caro can keep him. 

Okay so we need something rocky to release all this highstrung lets do some dancing....

*shakes her booty*

Happy Birthday and please be gently to Christian or he will never let me forget this. ;)

I hope you will have a wonderful day, full of love and fun. 


December 6, 2010

A winner and Song of the Week!

Yes I'm late again....*hides in shame* but I have a winner now. =)

The lucky winner of Head over Heels by Annemarie Hartnett is.....



Congrats! I will email you now!

And here is the song that made my week better and only cuz we recently lost our HDD drive with all our music and pictures to kitty's wrath *cries* so I had to refind this on youtube:
Love this version with Sandra and unfortunately only have the acoustic one on CD. So enjoy this little gem with me.

Happy Monday!


Interview Annemarie Hartnett + Giveaway

Edited Dec 6 8 AM German time: Extray Day! You can still enter till I'm done with work today. So another 8 hours! 

Please welcome Annemarie Hartnett here today. Today is the release day of her new novel "Head over Heels". I just recently read one of her books and it made me laugh so hard. I’m so happy to have her over today, so again please give Annemarie a warm welcome.

Susi: Hey Annemarie, nice to have you here!

Annemarie: Thanks so much, Susi! I’m very happy to be here today.

Susi: Tell us a bit about yourself?

One of those? Me likes =)
Annemarie: Gah! The worst question first! All right, then. Here goes. I grew up on the East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia, where most of my work has been set lately. I’m a coffee addict and homemade soap junkie. I’m really short and have crazy hair. I have a small collection of rubber duckies consisting of two devil ducks, a ninja duck, and a pirate duck (I’ve had my eye out for a zombie duck ...) I’m obsessed with those reality shows about hoarding.

I’ve been published for about five years, starting with erotic short stories. I have appeared in several anthologies, most recently “Passion” (from Cleis). My first novella, “The Company of Fools”, was released from Loose Id earlier this year.

Like you said, today marks the release of Head Over Heels, my rom-com from Total-E-Bound. I’m very excited about this book and I’ve got a copy to give away today.

Susi: I thought it would be nice to ask a few other things,that will give us a deep look into your soul *snort* so here are a few bullet questions:

Susi: Tea or coffee?

Annemarie: Both: coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.

Susi: Pepsi or coke?

Annemarie: I’m a lifelong Pepsi girl, but my boyfriend converted me to Coke (I got my revenge – I got him hooked on coffee. Muahaha!) I have a particular weakness for Cherry Coke.

Susi: Cat or dog?

Annemarie: As much as I love dogs, I like a quiet, low-maintenance animal, so I would go with cat. I’ve never owned either, though. My pets tend to be pocket-sized and make weird noises.

Susi: Sunny beach or winter wonderland?

Annemarie: Ooh. Tough one. Since we’re into the season in which scraping the ice off of my car in the morning is a reality, I’d pick a sunny beach.

Susi: Werewolf or vampire?

Annemarie: Werewolf. I was on the fence until the episode of True Blood in which Bill burns to a crisp running through the sun trying to save Sookie. I’d prefer a boyfriend who doesn’t suffer from an epic fail if I’m being hunted by a knife-wielding maniac.

Susi: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Annemarie: Defintely Star Wars. It’s all about the Wookie, man.

Susi: Cinema or home-movie?

Annemarie: Home movie. It’s cheaper and at home you can loudly make fun of the movie without getting any dirty looks.

Susi: Weighted Companion Cube or cake?

Annemarie: Cake. Preferably birthday, with ice cream.

Susi: Why did you decide to write erotic romance and eroticas and even though I will probably look like a really dense woman what is the difference?

Annemarie: I started writing erotica at the spur of the moment after some terrible career advice. I wrote my first few stories back to back and had all published, so I wrote a few more.

Erotic romance was a fairly easy transition. Most of my stories are the beginning of Happily Ever After for those characters. Others are about established couples. My first novella, “The Company of Fools”, was originally a short story and I intended to sell it as such, but once the story was finished I found myself wondering what happened to Kate and Mike after they hooked up.

Susi: I just read Company of Fools and OMG I had to laugh so hard. Is it hard for you to make your books funny or is it just the way you are?

Annemarie: I think it’s just the way I am. The first thing I wrote that was comedic was a short story called “Midday Ruckus”. I wanted to write about a fighting couple and when I was trying to come up with something I got a picture of a farm house with two old men sitting outside having lunch. All of a sudden it starts raining sex-toys. The couple inside is having a fight. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, like so many writers, I have a boring day job. Some make up for it by writing about werewolves, cowboys, and so on. I come home after a hard day and write about a couple who are complete dorks at heart.

Susi: Your new novel Head Over Heels has a wonderful cover. When I first saw it I was so WOW. Do you think the couple on it fits the characters we will meet in your book? And do you know which cover artist made it?

Annemarie: The artist is Natalie Winters, who in addition to being a great cover artist is also a writer herself ( The moment I saw the cover my eyes bugged out – the male cover model is about as close to Sam as you’re going to get without me beaming the pictures in my head into reality. It fits the story very well, as “Head Over Heels” is a simple, no-frills erotic romance.

Susi: Tell us a bit about your new release “Head Over Heels”?

Annemarie: It’s the story of Chrissie and Sam, who have been on a group vacation with friends. The story begins as they arrive at a cottage in the fictional town of St. Paul, Nova Scotia with their friends, Laurie and Tony. A miscommunication puts them in the same bed that night, which is a conundrum for Chrissie because she’s got such a crush on Sam but also has a hands-off policy in place to avoid complications while on vacation. Needless to say she gets over it very quickly.

Susi: The situation itself seems really hilarious. To be forced into sleeping in the same room as your vacation crush must be something a girl could dream of, or not? How did you come up with this idea?

Annemarie: I think the scene itself came from another story I was trying to write that never got off the ground as a short erotic piece. Ultimately I resurrected it for a vacation story with a lighter tone. The original story was much shorter when I submitted it to Total-E-Bound, but the editor enjoyed it so much she wanted me to lengthen it. That’s how the finished product came about. In addition to this, I wanted to write a road trip story set in my neck of the woods. I’d taken a similar trip to Sam and Chrissie’s in 2009 and found a lot of great locations along the way.

Susi: Tell us a bit about your heroine Chrissie. What makes her special? What kind of person is she? And what would her first tweet from her vacation say?

Annemarie: Chrissie is a great, easy-going heroine, but she has the tendency to think things through a little too much. Her initial reluctance to have a fling with Sam comes out of seeing how badly things went on a previous group vacation that involved a hook-up. She’s not one for the drama and this makes her a great match for Sam.

Chrissie’s first tweet from vacation would probably be a Twitpic post of Laurie slathering herself with hand sanitizer as she comes out of an outhouse.

Susi: Susi: What is it about Sam that makes Chrissie attracted to him? Is he really as dorky as the blurb says?

Annemarie: Sam’s that guy everyone knows. He likes video games, is fascinated by pirates, and loves his bike. All of this has Chrissie charmed, not to mention he’s gorgeous. He just makes her giddy, and she loves that about him.

Susi: You also had another release this month: You wrote a story in the Passion anthology. Can you tell us a bit about that one too?

Annemarie: “Crave You Close” is the story of a young married couple who are going through a rough time. They’re struggling financially to stay afloat and have been forced to move back in with his family, which means they have to steal time alone whenever they can. Essentially, it’s about keeping the faith in one another no matter what. It’s definitely the most heartfelt thing I’ve published, and I’m really pleased to be a part of a wonderful anthology like Passion.

Susi: Now the mean questions:
Can you give us 3 reasons why people should read your books?

1.They’ll find out the answer to the question “Why did the naked man jump into the lake?” (Ok, not really. It’s a guy thing. I don’t try to understand it, and neither does Chrissie.)
2.Hot sex with the works. We’re talking toys, public places, and men dressed like pirates.
3.My coffee addiction won’t pay for itself, dagnabbit!

Susi: If you would be forced to read only one author for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Annemarie: Lucy Maud Montgomery. Her works have ranged from the creepy to the comedic – one of the few authors I have read and re-read multiple times, as is evidenced by the tattered spines of my collection.

Susi: Last question: what would you ask yourself if you were in my position? And please feel free to answer!

Annemarie: I’d want to know which of my characters I’m most like. Hands down, the answer to that question is Mike MacNab from “The Company of Fools.” Mike is pretty relentless when he makes up his mind about something. That’s me all over. I just wish I had Mike’s money.

Susi: Thanks Annemarie for coming over and answering my questions!

Annemarie: Thanks for having me, Susi. Now let’s give away a book.


Annemarie offers one copy of Head Over Heels to one lucky commenter. 

Just leave a question for Annemarie or leave a comment about the interview.

Please leave me a way to contact you (email in blogger profile or twitter name is okay for me).

Open to everyone who can read an ebook. =)

Giveaway ends on Sunday December 5th and I will announce the winner in the evening. 

Good Luck. 


December 3, 2010

My November Reads

All in all November was a good month. Yes, I had 2 books I couldn't finish but the rest was rather good. I just wish I would stop giving those DNF books so much time. I should stop reading them sooner but I'm, as always, just too nice. Here is what I read:

1. Salome at Sunrise by Inez Kelley (my review)
A wonderful heartfelt fantasy romance. I was a bit dissapointed to realize it was book 2 in a series but I loved it nonetheless. Salome at Sunrise is a real pageturner. The world building is perfectly done and Ms Kelley's writing is instantly compelling. You will devour page after page without noticing how much you already read. Highly recommended fantasy romance! Now I just need to find the time to read book 1. 

2. Inside Out (Brown Siblings, #3) by Lauren Dane (my review)
I waited so long for this latest addition to this series and Cope and Ella didn't dissapoint. Inside Out made my heart melt- it gives you this wonderful warm feeling deep inside. It's full of family and friends, love and compassion. An emotional read through and through. For me Lauren Dane's Brown Siblings novels are forever seated on my keeper shelf and I know I will re-read their stories again and again. Highly recommended read- I adore this book with all my heart!

3. The Company of Fools by Annemarie Hartnett (my review)
I'm so happy Annemarie asked me to read her book. Her writing is hilarious and sexy as hell. The Company of Fools is such a wonderful read. I loved the characters, the pace was perfect and the sex was intoxicating. I don't think I can say one bad thing about it- this novel is an absolute keeper. Ms Hartnett is definitely an author I will keep my eyes open for- I'm already craving more.

4. Hands On by Christina Crooks DNF
This book was definitely not made for me. We have puppets on strings, a puppeter, a "crazy" brooding and filthy rich hero and reanacting of scenes with the afore mentioned puppets. I couldn't take it. And this book made me feel stupid because it made me look up words, in a dictionary. Didn't do that in quite some time.

5. Dark Road to Darjeeling (Lady Julia #4) by Deanna Raybourn DNF
I really  hoped I would like this book. I read some rather good reviews about it but I think I'm just not made for mysterie. For my taste the pace was  too slow, too much talking and not enough action and I didn't really get the romance between the hero/heroine. Probably also because I haven't read the prior books. Don't judge this book cuz I couldn't read it- it was an experiement and now I know I don't like mystery. =(

6. Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark #10) by Kresley Cole
I was unsure if I would love this book as much as love the ones with the Lykae or Valkyrie but no worries, I did. Again this book is full of fun, wit, love and heartbreak. I can't believe how much I love this series and I can't wait to read regin's book. *fangirl squeeeee*

7. This is What I Want by Megan Hart 
An absolute pleasure read a lazy Sunday. started the book and put the ereader down after a few hours with a satisfied smile. Great pace, naughty story and sweet end. Nothing more to ask for in a novella.

8. Night's Cold Kiss (Dark Brethren #1) by Tracey O'Hara (my review)
Wow this book was a blast. I wasn't prepared for it at all. Night's Cold Kiss is an urban fantasy novel with an awesome world-building, captivating characters and a fast paced story. Night's Cold Kiss is urban fantasy at its best and it even has a bit of romance to sweeten the deal. I can't wait to read more.

9. Black Wings (Madeline Black #1) by Christina Henry (my review)
This book has one of the best sidekicks ever: Beezle- the  chocolate and popcorn addicted Gargoyle with a temper. Loved it!

Black Wings is a wonderful debut novel. It showed me why I love urban fantasy-  wonderful world-building, witty and funny convos and a sexy guy who leads through the story. I can't wait to get my hands on Black Night, book 2 in this series.

10. Deadlock (Southern Arcana #3) by Moira Rogers
First thing I have to say: Alec!!!! *fangirl squeeee* Oh this was was soooooo good and I know I'm an evil tease but I won't say more now, or perhaps just OMG *fans herself* Review to come later in December. ;)

11. Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart 
You perhaps noticed how much I adore Megan's books but I was a bit unsure about this one. Can I adore a book with romance she wrote as much as the smutty ones? Yes I can..This story really broke my heart and made me cry in public but I still love it. Will force BF to read it too. Review will be up a bit closer to the release date. =)
How was your November? Any good books I should check out ASAP?

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