May 29, 2009

Star Trek without Klingons?

We started at home some kind of never ending Star Trek watching and I know who's fault that is: mine. I just said absently to my boyfriend: "I can't remember what happend in the last episode of Voyager." So that was stated and nothing could save me. I thought in the beginning we just watch all seasons of Voyager but I was wrong.

We started at the beginning - Star Trek - The Original Series. After I survived all episodes, with some muttering of "Seventy!!!" when there was some Lieutenant in a mini, we continued with Picard & Co. This I enjoyed so much more because it's waking memories of family TV-sessions in my youth. I especially loved the episodes with Q or Data as Sherlock Holmes.

So we are currently watching DS9 and I have to say the first three seasons aren't so great. But now that we started season 3 I understand why:

Star Trek without Klingons is not the same.

This species is so charismatic and lovable - I can totally understand why they put Worf back in the story.

So I have to wait a only a little bit longer to see the last episode of Voyager.
Yeah, I know. I should just take the DVD and watch it but cheating is so not my style.


May 28, 2009

A funny book I read this week

"Bitten & Smitten" by Michelle Rowen

This book is really great. But You should be warned, my boyfriend was really annoyed by my laughter. Extremely funny.

The story is about Sarah Dearly who gets bitten by her blind date and is now a reluctant vam
pire. That's bad enough but only moments after that traumatic experience her sire get's killed by vampire hunters who would prefer to do the same to her. The only help she finds is the suicidal Thierry de Bennicoeur, master vampire and hotter than hell. They make a bargain: he helps her to understand the new world she was thrown into, in exchange for her helping him ending his life.
But life is never that easy...


Getting started

I can't believe how long I'm capable of trying to add a goodreads widget without throwing the PC out of the window. *headdesk*

But I think it worked now. *hope*

So now I will try to add twitter without getting totally crazy. Perhaps I should get a new coffee before starting ;-)


About Me

I’m just a normal Geekgirl living in Germany and momentarily studying civil engineering. I’m trying to write this whole thing in English and I hope I don’t make to much mistakes. Please have mercy my school time is a few years away and I try my best. But you’re welcome to point out the mistakes you found. Allways trying to learn, that’s me. :-)

In my free time I love to read books, mostly fantasy, paranormal and science fiction. I think I’m a little addicted to reading so don’t wonder when I read more than three books a week.

I’m also a little movie junkie. I love to see see them in theatre ’cause that’s what they made for. I like to watch them in OV but in Magdeburg they only show the real big blockbusters in English. That sucks…

When I find time between reading and going to a movie I like o watch some series on TV and I’m proud to say that I saw everything there is of Star Trek. I’m a real sucker for Gilmore Girls (how girly for me), Buffy(surprise, surprise!!!), Stargate, Babylon 5 and many many more.

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