October 9, 2009

Review: Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy


An experiment in romance…
New to Charlotte, stock car racing country, graduate student Imogen Wilson meets Ty McCordle, a driver who inexplicably has her pulse racing. After an encounter at the track with a woman whose main goal in life is to marry a driver, Imogen realizes she’s hit on the perfect thesis for her Sociology degree. If she follows The Rules on how to get a man, can she steer her way to into the hearts of the drivers and establish their dating—and mating—patterns?
That’s testing the limits of passion.
Although sexy and reckless Ty is the ideal test subject, she knows she can’t pursue him for the sake of science. Yet he’s the one who’s chasing after her, and Imogen realizes that she actually wants to be caught. A southern gentleman like Ty won’t fail to disappoint, will satisfy all her curiosity—and make all the risks worthwhile… (by goodreads.com)

First thing: look at this wonderful cover. Isn’t it one of the best covers ever. I can’t decide what to do first: 1. stroking it , cuddle it and do other things better not be named here or 2. frame it and put it over my desk.
That said we can come back to the actual review.

I so love this series and especially this book. It’s all about the NASCAR drivers and I have to admit that didn’t sound really promising to me. But don’t judge them because of that. I’m not into this racing thing but the whole plot is so fascinating that I didn’t mind it being about racing. This book outlines the relationship between Imogen and Ty- two characters as different as they can be.

Imogen is a grad student trying to write her degree in sociology. She’s very intelligent and really really eager for knowledge. She wants to know everything and I mean EVERYTHING. She asks question about things and in situations that made me blush. Her thesis for her degree is “How To Marry A Race Car Driver (In Six Steps)- does it work?”. She wants to know if the rules out of a book with the same title work and what better way to test them than experiencing it yourself.

Ty is a hard ass driver with a very direct attitude and full of snarky comments. He has one loose girlfriend after the next and doesn’t need or want some kind of commitment. He’s a successful stockcar driver and enjoys his life as it is. He has one big secret- nope I’m not spoiling it- but he tries to hide from it. Since the first time he met Imogen he’s curious about her but he can’t seem to remember her name correctly. Sounds awful but it really cute and I laughed so hard every time he tries to pronounce it. He’s a real gentleman at heart and so yummy he stole my breath away.

Imogen and Ty are so different but they are so great together, they seem to be a perfect match. Their conversations are witty and funny. The attraction is scorching hot and they are so totally open about their needs, it’s just totally amazing. Very hot and sensual- you will definitely need a fan.

This book is my favorite so far in this series and I can’t wait to read the next one. The plot is a great mix of sexy hot scenes and funny conversations. The side-characters are wonderful, especially Suzanne and Ryder- they can’t live with and without one another.
This series is so far an absolute keeper and I’m really anxious to read the next one.

One thing Sarah from Monkey Bear Reviews noticed a few weeks back is that the book format of this series changes with the next book from trade to mass market paperback. Anyone else finds this annoying? Will the first two be re-released in that format or is this just a mistake on the website? I hate it when the books don’t match in the bookshelf.

To learn more about Erin McCarthy and her books please visit her website here.

The Fast Track Series:

1. Flat-Out Sexy: reviews @goodreads, buy @amazon
2. Hard and Fast: other reviews @
goodreads, buy @amazon

3. *Unnamed* (Suzannes & Ryder’s story) release Aug 2010

I never met or talked to Erin McCarthy in any way. I bought this book on my own. I don’t get anything if you click on the amazon link and buy one of the books. (Didn’t even know that this would be possible.LOL)


Mandi October 9, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

First, the cover...niiiiiice. Love the worn jeans look.

Second, I have never read this author! But Ty, with his snarky comments - I think I would really enjoy him.

Great review!!

Patti October 9, 2009 at 4:03 PM  

I do like this cover, I understand your indecision about what to do first with it! The premise sounds interesting.

BTW - your disclaimer made me laugh!

SusiSunshine October 9, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

@Mandi & @Patti These books a real great. One of the best contemps I ever read. The cover is sooooo good. Not joking about the cuddling.LOL

pattepoilue October 9, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

The cover is Oh So yummy! *sigh* i was really looking for your review to get an idea about this book, i guessi got my answer...this is going on my TBR list =D I love funny/witty characters, mix it up with smexyness and you've got a winner =) Great Review Susi

Marissa October 9, 2009 at 5:30 PM  

Hi Susi,

Just like you I love this series and the covers, yummy!!! When I first read what this series was about it did not appeal at all to me, but I am so addicted now... can't wait for Ryder's and Suzanne's story. And don't start about the changing in formats, I hate it!!!!!!! Just hope that they don't change the cover concept either. It is going to be a long wait till august 2010 for the next part.

Jill D. October 9, 2009 at 5:52 PM  

Glad you enjoyed it! I really liked it too and I rated it an A. It is one of my top reads for this year!

SusiSunshine October 9, 2009 at 7:04 PM  

@pattepoilue You wil love this one. Just fantastic.

@Marissa I could rant about the format change. I'll have to buy the books again. Yeah, I'm crazy! But when they change cover concept...it's good the way it is! Happy someone else is also not happy with that.

@Jill Totally agree. One of the best this year so far.

Leontine October 9, 2009 at 7:30 PM  

Marissa already set my eyes on this author but WTF!! Change book format!! I so hate it when they do that. One day...someday I will read Flat-Out Sexy and probably will spank myself that I didn't pick it up sooner LOL

SusiSunshine October 9, 2009 at 7:50 PM  

@Leontine Yep. I'm still hoping it's just a mistake on her website. Perhaps I should write her a mail.Ok, will do that now.
Will let you all know what she says!
And Leontine, you will so regret it to not read this big earlier.

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