September 1, 2009

My August Reads

This month was a real good one concerning my reading progress. Luckily cuz of my vacation and the end of my exams time. I had quite a few good books this month. So here they are:

1. “Enforcer “ by Lauren Dane

This is the first book in the Cascadia Wolves Series. I read this while still in my exams and I choose this one cuz I loved Lauren’s “Undercover”. It didn’t quite reach my expectations but I enjoyed reading it and will absolutely buy the next one in this series.

2. “One Wrong Step” by Lauren Griffin
I won this one at a contest over @ Pearl’s World of Books. I don’t read so much suspense but this one was good but sometimes I felt like I missed something. Or it could be that I didn’t read the first book in this series. But after all I think I’m a real fantasy person.

3. “Dear Sir, I’m Yours” by Joely Sue Burkhart
I so adore this book. I stumbled across after reading Pearl’s review. I started reading the FREE prequel(look here) and was hooked after the first few words. I bought the book immediately and couldn’t wait to start it. Ms. Burkhart has a great style of writing and her characters are so fantastic. Really special about this books are the wonderful written letters in the beginning of each chapter. They brought tears to my eyes. And the poetry was heartbreaking, too. One of the best books read so far this year and I will buy more of her books ASAP.

4. “Destined for an Early Grave” by Jeaniene Frost

This is the fourth book in the Night Huntress series. I’m absolutely addicted to this series so I could wait to start it when it finally reached my door. The mood is quite depressing and it broke my heart, not only broke it but shattered it a million pieces. But that don’t has to be bad. I loved it. I didn’t enjoy the bad parts but these things have to happen sometimes.

5. “Speak of the Devil” by Jenna Black
This is the fourth book in the Morgan Kingsley series- Another of my fav series. I love Morgan and Lugh. This book was fast paced and gripped my from the first chapter to the last word. In the middle I felt like kicking all men only cuz they’re men but that’s a normal reaction I think. I missed a little new development concerning the whole demon war between Lugh and his brother. And I think I’m totally ready for Morgan to get a little bit more comfy with Lugh(he’s so yummy she shouldn’t be able to resist him).

6. “ Leader of the Pack” by Karen MacInerney

It’s the third book in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series. This book is full action and revelations. Gripping from the start but lacking the wit and fun of the previous books in this series. My full review is here.

7. “Thorn Queen” by Richelle Mead
This is the second book in the Dark Swan Series. More serious and troubled than the first book(review of the first book can be found here) in this series but also a very addicting read. As said before the end was not for me. My full review is here.

8. “Red Fire” by Deidre Knight

This is the first book in the Gods of Midnight series. A book full of passion and love and of course sexy Spartans. Wonderful world, great characters! The end was a little predictable. My full review is here.

9. “Red Kiss” by Deidre Knight
This is the second book in the Gods of Midnight series.Fast paced and full of wonderful moments. Great side characters and of course a lovely hero and a strong woman at his side. My full review is here.

10. “Eve of Darkness” by S.J. Day
This is the first book in the Marked Series. I won’t tell you much about it now cuz I’m still working on the review. But one thing I can say: I loved it!

11. “Eve of Destruction” by S.J. Day
This is the second book in the Marked Series.Not talking about this one either. One thing: I enjoyed it from the start.

12. “Eve of Chaos” by S.J. Day
This is the third book in the Marked Series. Just finished this one an hour ago and i totally deserves a full review. Will work on it tomorrow.

So that’s my list. August was really great! Hope yours was great too!


Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) September 1, 2009 at 1:14 AM  

Looks like you had a good reading month! Those are the best kind. :)

I really want to read Jenna Black's series, it sounds so good.

Anonymous,  September 3, 2009 at 4:48 PM  

I love Jeanienne Frost and Richelle Mead. I have Howling at the Moon in my TBR. It takes place where I live so that should be cool to read.

Alexia561 September 7, 2009 at 1:16 AM  

Wow - you read so many good books in August! Will definitely check out the authors I'm not familiar with, but love Jenna Black, Jeaniene Frost, and Richelle Mead! You have great taste!

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