August 30, 2009

Review: Gods of Midnight Series by Deidre Night

I won the first two books of this series over @Gena Showalter’s Blog
and finally started reading them. The story is all about our Spartan heroes. And yes, these heroes are the same Spartans we all know from 300 and they’re as good looking as Gerard Butler. The story starts after the end of the movie so it’s a perfect opportunity to watch it again. *yummy*

Book 1: Red Fire

Ajax, the youngest of the warriors, finds himself in Savannah, Georgia, poised for a final battle against Sable, his greatest demon foe. Over one thousand years ago, Jax stripped Sable of his wings and transformed him into a twisted centaur. Now Sable has returned for nothing less than brutal vengeance...

It’s in Savannah that Jax encounters the beautiful Shay Angel—the great love of his life prophecied to him more than a thousand years ago. Jax will do anything to protect her from Sable’s demonic onslaught, but Shay isn’t one to stand on the sidelines. Especially since she has her own historical ties to Ancient Greece...(by


Ajax is not happy with his immortal existence. Very understandable in my opinion. 2000 years of battling the bad and saving mankind but no real meaning of life for himself. He loves his Spartan brothers and he adores his “mission” but he misses something, or better said someone. The oracle prophecied him a soulmate but that was for over 2000 years and really: no-one can wait so long without getting a little impatient.

Shay just lost her mother and now has to face the problems left concerning family and their business. She lives in a world of demon hunters- every man in their bloodline has this calling and battles the creatures of the night. Only problem is she would like to do the same but the girls aren’t allowed to and what’s more important she shouldn’t be able to see the demons at all. The whole thing gets more confusing when she gets this letter stating that she’s adopted and has the ability to see demons cuz she doesn’t really belong to her family. Now she doesn’t know who to believe and what to do about all this.
They both get together when Shay is attacked of a horde of demons and Jax tries to save her and realizes who he finally has found.

Deidre's writing is full of love and passion. Every time I read her I feel like I could live of her words alone. The characters are complex, sometimes quirky but always lovable, the world is wonderful and full of different facets. I love the way she throws us in the middle of the action and let us see the whole story through the eyes of many characters. In this book is so much story but I never felt overwhelmed. The end was a little predictable but perhaps I just
guesses right.

Book 2: Red Kiss


Spartan slave River Kassandros can transform into any weapon. After a bloody battle he’s forever a dagger—until a mortal can release him. Drawn to this blade, Emma Lowery draws blood with it and frees River. But even as they fight off intense passions, a sinister power arises to destroy them. To protect humankind, they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice—and lose their chance at love
... (by


River is our typical no-confidence Hero. He is a slave and feels like one. (Nearly) All his Spartan brothers support and value him but he don’t seem to accept this. His biggest dream is to be free and to fight with his brothers as a Spartan warrior- same rights and all. He wants to live his own live, to be fully independent and to be his own master. Not only is he bound to Ajax as a herlot he also has the ability/curse to turn into a mighty weapon. This sounds really great but the down point is his condition after he changes back- he turns into berserker with a quite intense sex-drive. No real good condition to meet a lovely girl like Emma.

Emma is Shays cousin and a Listener. She can hear the demons but not see them. She tried to bury her ability deep inside herself after a tragic incident in her past but when she frees River after his 4 months long imprisonment in weapon form there seems to be no way she can hide from her destination any longer. She is strong and is not afraid to go the path life shows her, together with River for their future.
The love between Emma and River is so pure- they are really made for each other. The way their connection builds up through the story is perfectly developed.

The story is fast paced and so full of action I sometimes was afraid to breath cuz I didn’t want to miss something. The life of our Spartans gets more complicated in this book and each one of them has to face a decision in this book. The secondary characters play a big role in this book and I loved it. The story gets so much more depth because of this. It’s also a really good foundation for the next books. I can’t decide who’s story I want to read next- best option would be all at the same time. LOL! She made me really curious here.
Great book with a good cliffhanger in the end so now I’m counting the days till the next book is released.

To learn more about Deidre Knight visit her website here.

To learn more about these wonderful Spartans take a look at their website here.

The Gods of Midnight Series:
1. Red Fire: Reviews @
Goodreads; buy @amazon
2. Red Kiss: Reviews @
Goodreads; buy @amazon
3. Red Angel (release in 2010)
4. Red Demon ( release in 2010)


pattepoilue August 30, 2009 at 8:40 PM  

Great review!I didn't know about these books, but now i'm make them sound really good.
And seriously who could resist Sexy Spartans ;)

Leontine August 30, 2009 at 8:56 PM  

Hi Susi,
I want me some Spartan Warriors now too after reading your post/thoughts. Thankfully I have Red Fire on the shelves and it might take a bit of time but love to get me some spartan testosterone :)

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) August 31, 2009 at 3:50 AM  

I bought Red Fire not too long ago, I need to get to it. Sounds like a good read, well both books do. Thanks for the review!

Cecile August 31, 2009 at 4:39 AM  

OH Susi!!! Spartan love... with one that looks as yummy as Gerard Butler!! I am SOOO INNN!!! Thanks for bringing this one up again...
I hope you had a great weekend!

Marissa August 31, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

Great review, you sure know how to sell them! I have Red Fire on the shelf and now I really want a spartan warrior of my own!

Deidre Knight August 31, 2009 at 2:26 PM  

Thanks for this wonderful review! Talk about a great Monday morning lift!! (Especially after having to pry the pre-teen out of bed with my bare hands. LOL)

Seriously, thanks for loving the gang like I do. I'm having a blast writing RED DEMON right now.
hugs! Deidre

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