October 7, 2010

Review: Undertow by Moira Rogers

Victor left behind a life of crime to focus on a new vision--helping his alpha build an island sanctuary for werewolves. Harsh experiences prepared him for the hardships involved, except when it comes to dealing with the young female refugees of the brutal Boston pack--especially Simone, who rouses his inner wolf like no other. A woman he must resist, or risk becoming just the latest man to make demands on her.

Born to wealth and privilege, Simone lost everything when she fell for the seductive whispers of the textile heir who turned her. Once adrift, now she is fired by a new sense of purpose--the chance to broker peace between werewolves and European wizards. Yet even as Europe beckons, her instincts--the same ones that led to trouble before--keep drawing her back to Victor.

During a sailing trip to the mainland for supplies, Victor finds it impossible to hold himself aloof from the warm, engaging Simone. And when a winter storm traps them together during a full moon, she breaks through his walls so easily and completely, the question is no longer how he'll stay away, but how he'll let her go.

Each time I think it can't get any better Moira Rogers proves me wrong. I really liked A Safe Harbor but I loved Undertow. Perhaps it's because I already knew the setting but I think it's more because of the wonderful characters you find in this novel.

Undertow features Simone and Victor, two wolves from different worlds. Simone is stronger than you would expect from someone who was in the group of woman Edwin horded around himself. She isn't as much damaged by this as the rest of the ladies, she suffers more from the guilt she puts on herself. She feels responsible for not helping the girls even though that wasn't something she could have done herself. She needs to feel respect and that is one thing Victor doesn't seem to give her, at least in her eyes. She only sees him turning away everytime she gets near him and the only logical  explanation she can  come up with is that he hates her and just can't stand to look at her. How wrong she is. *evil grin* Simone is the comfort of our little wolf pack. She's the person everyone turns to for emotinal reassurance and help when they are afraid to turn to someone else. She's warm and welcoming and knows how to sooth an agitated wolf. A wonderful woman who highly underrates herself.

Victor is one of those dark and brooding heroes, my favorite kind by the way, and he's completely smitten with Simone. He wouldn't admit it if you asked him, even less when you use the word smitten. He's rather serious about everything and sometimes he seems to be even stern but he has a soft spot. He's a thinker and when he set his mind it's hard to sway him. He's also really compassionate and doesn't want to hurt anyone. Again I noticed that Moira Roger's heroes  aren't the sterotypical alpha shifter - they seem to be more caring and loving. Not that most alpha males aren't but these heroes are more warm, yes they are still hot *wink* but for me they are so much more.

The story of Undertow is adventurous, stormy, heartwarming and scorching at times. I love the dynamics of the character interactions- they did everything the way I would expect them to do it without being predictable. I already have some side characters I want to get their own books. These series is highly addictive- it has everything I want and more.
Make sure you don't miss this addition to a wonderful series.
To learn more about Moira Rogers please visit their website here.

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Blodeuedd October 7, 2010 at 9:43 PM  

Sounds good :) I really want to read Moira Rogers one day

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