May 28, 2009

About Me

I’m just a normal Geekgirl living in Germany and momentarily studying civil engineering. I’m trying to write this whole thing in English and I hope I don’t make to much mistakes. Please have mercy my school time is a few years away and I try my best. But you’re welcome to point out the mistakes you found. Allways trying to learn, that’s me. :-)

In my free time I love to read books, mostly fantasy, paranormal and science fiction. I think I’m a little addicted to reading so don’t wonder when I read more than three books a week.

I’m also a little movie junkie. I love to see see them in theatre ’cause that’s what they made for. I like to watch them in OV but in Magdeburg they only show the real big blockbusters in English. That sucks…

When I find time between reading and going to a movie I like o watch some series on TV and I’m proud to say that I saw everything there is of Star Trek. I’m a real sucker for Gilmore Girls (how girly for me), Buffy(surprise, surprise!!!), Stargate, Babylon 5 and many many more.


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