January 30, 2011

Review: Death's Sweet Embrace by Tracey O'Hara @BookLoversInc

Yes I finally did it again! I reviewed a book. Wanna read what I thought about this book? Here is a little teaser! You can read the rest @Book Lovers Inc here.

The first thing I have to admit is that I was really disappointed to realize this book wasn't about Antoinette and Christian again. I loved these two and at the end of Night's Cold Kiss I was sure their story would develop more in the next book. The end left my HEA loving heart yearning for more and I always assured myself: you will get your fix in book two. So you can see when I realized I wouldn't get this, Death's Sweet Embrace and I had a rocky start.

This story is all about Kitt, the snow leopard shifter we already met in book one. She still suffers from the aftershocks of her brother's death but there are some important things in her life that need her immediate attention right now. She accepts a position for teaching at the NYAPS (the parahuman university) and she has to face her past there. She meets her daughters- twin she had to give away after birth and as you can imagine this situation troubles her not only with anticipation. To make the whole situation even more complex she also discovers that her first big love and father to the girls, Raven, is currently at NYAPS too- so she finds herself in an emotional roller-coaster ride from the start.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


January 22, 2011

Books, books, books and Blogoversary

Long time no see. I know. It seems I have again lost a bit of my blogging mojo. And also my reviewing mojo so I actually don't have anything to post about but my blog looks so empty so I though I will tell you about the books I got for Christmas and my bday. *g* We all love to look at books so that could be fun. I'm in book heaven at the moment and even better all these aren't for review and I can just enjoy them and perhaps, if I feel like it write a review. It'S so nice to not have pressure on you. And I love that! See I'm getting review rebellious. LOL

So here's what I got for Xmas:

Than we have the books I bought with my Xmas money(all pre-oroders so I won't forget to get them *g*):
I'm so giddy about these. Look at how pretty they am. I so can't wait for them to arrive already.

For my bday I actually only got 3 books but a bunch of book money so I bought the rest myself.

So the next were impulsive. I just wanted Taken by Lilith Saintcrow and discovered they all were on bargain on amazon.de so I bought some more. I'm especially excited about the ones by Michelle Rowen and Jill Monroe. *g*

And I got 2 ebooks:

O_O Now that I see it like this I admit I might have gone a bit crazy. Okay hides her credit card in a special place. Okay now I just have to find the time to read them all. Okay perhaps I already read 7 of them. So you see I'm trying. *g*

On other news Book Lovers Inc (you can find a list of all post in the sidebar with a link to the posts that are already up) turned one and we have a huge celebration going. We gave the reins to the author's and they are allowed to do their worst. And there are a tons of giveaways going on. Here's a short sneak peak at who we will have over:

Suzanne McLeod

Carolyn Crane 

Moira Rogers 

Dakota Cassidy
Susanna Yves

Devyn Quinn

Linda Robertson

Inez Kelley

Chloe Neill

Delilah Marvelle

Megan Hart

Joely Sue Burkhart

Gini Koch

Kate Pearce

Kelly Meding

Monica Burns

Teresa D'Amario

Cynthia Eden

Nancy Holzner

Sara Brookes

Stacia Kane

Julia Barrett

Kieran Kramer

JF Lewis

Lila DiPasqua

Lauren Hammond



There's also a huge giveaway with a enormous amount of prizes. If you want to celebrate come over and check it out. You won't regret it. And I swear no burning hoops you have to jump through. ;)

So all those books and the big party kept me busy but I swear I will be back soon. *g*






How are you? What did I miss? Any books I should get (and no, not interested in Shadowfever)?


January 12, 2011

Review: Trust Me by Sydney Somers

After three months on the run, Detective Maxine Walker figures no one will find her behind a counter in a small Canadian town. It might even be safe to grab a beer with the sexy stranger who’s just come through the shop door. Then the bullets start flying.

When he saves her—then takes her prisoner—she assumes an arms dealer who set her up for murder has put a price on her head.

Lucas McAllister has doubts as to whether Max killed his partner, but it’s his job to bring her in. Plus, she could be his only lead to a missing biological weapon. That means he’s not letting her out of his sight, not for a second. Which shouldn’t be tough given the possessiveness that rushes through him with every touch. When the resourceful detective uses their attraction to attempt distraction, his hands-off policy is blown all to hell.

As the real hit men close in, trust is in short supply. But if they can’t trust each other, their lives—and their hearts—may get caught in the crossfire.

After hearing so many good things about Ms Somers writing I couldn't resist the temptation to read this one. I'm not much of suspense reader in general but I really enjoyed this one.  It is a wonderful contemporary novel with an intoxicating fast paced plot that didn't let me go.

We meet Detective Maxine Walker who's currently on the run not only from the NYC police force but also from the dealer Blackwater who got her into this situation to begin with.  She's a strong woman, full of determination and a strong sense of honor. No matter what she won't back down from what's right even though her life is ruined by this decission. She knows how to be her own woman, she's tricky and strong and even a strong man like Lucas won't be able to tell her what to do. I really liked her, she was fun even though she regrets which turns her life took. She feels responsible for teh death that brought her into this situation and she desperately needs something to cheer her up and a bit of help with bringing Blackwater down won't hurt either.

Lucas works for the Lassiter Group and the afore mentioned murder which killed his partner. He can't give up searching for the culprit. At first his company thought Max had done it but he's sure she isn't. When he finally finds her he needs her help because she is the only one who can lead him to the murderer. Lucas is strong and a protector at heart. I liked him even though it was strange to see him so "helpless" against a woman like Max. A professional, like he is, should be able to stand his own more against an ordinary cop. But yeah I could ignore that fact in lieu of him being sexy as hell.

I loved the romance between those two. The attraction was strong from the start and I loved their little and sometimes even big fights. The balance between plot and romance was great and I was enthralled and never lost interest. As I said I'm not much of a suspense lover but this story really did it for me. I already know I can't wait to get more of this author- her writing is right up my alley. An absolute recommended read.

To learn more about Sydney and her books please vist her website.

Read other reviews @goodreads, Buy the book @BooksOnBoard


January 5, 2011

My December Reads

I know I'm a bit late but I couldn't find the energy to make this list and because I have a bit of free time this week I thought total relaxation would be a great plan. In other news my birthday is next week and I already can't wait. *g* My sis told me she bought books so yay!!!

But here it finally is, my last reads of 2010:

1. Naughty and Nice by Jaci Burton, Shannon Stacey, Megan Hart, Lauren Dane (my review)

An anthology that finally brought me the missing christmas mood. I was so happy that Ms Stacey had a story in this one. I love her story and her writing was wonderful. Can't wait to find more. A very entertaining collection- I love Carina Press more and more with every read.

2. Hardware by Sara Brookes (my review)
Story about a geeky girl with a coffee addcition. Yes I was in heaven! Even more when the hunky barista guy showed up and started the kink times. I could have done without all the talk though. *gasp* that out of a woman's mouth- I'm shocked too.

3. The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook
Wow and WOW. WTH did I wait so long? This is such a wonderful and entertaining book. I loved it to pices. Adevnture, mystery, action, suspense and a wonderful romance. I'm really fascinated by this whole steampunk thing- it's liek ebing geeky with steam and yes I discussed if those gadgets could work with BF. So much love for this book! Can't wait for the next one.

4. Head over Heels by Annemarie Hartnett (my review)
I'm so happy I had the chance to read this one. It's fun and wit in superlative. Ms Hartnett's humor is right up my alley and her characters feel like actual real persons. I love how she always has some toy in the mix *wink* An author I will keep both eyes open for.

5. A Peyton Family Christmas (Southern Arcana #2.5)by Moira Rogers
I read this after Deadlock and I lurved this one. It's set between Crosscroads and Dealock and shows us all the charcters we started to love so much. I loved to see more about her. It's a free story at their website so if you would liek to read it go here.

6. Trust Me (Lassiter Group, #1) by Sydney Somers
After reading so many good things about this author I just couldn't resist the chance to read this one. And even though I'mnot a romantic suspense lover I adored this one. Captivating and a real pageturner. Review to come this week.

7. Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9) by Nalini Singh
To wolves are our couple of interest in this one and yes I really liked it. All the growling can be fun. The romance was so cute, even though I wanted to slap Indigo more than once. The overall plot thickens more and more and OMG I can't wait for Hawke's book. That one will be a total win and I'm actually counting the days to get, even though it will be hardcover. *grumbles*

8. Immortal Champion (Immortal Brotherhood, #3) by Lisa Hendrix (my review)
Something out of comfort zone but I fell in love with Ms Hendrix' Viking heroes. You can feel how much time was spent on research and I loved how much detail and love shown through the story. I had some ruffles with some parts but I think that's jsut me. I know many reviewers who loved this one even more than me.

9. Sensual Stranger by Tina Donahue DNF
I actually really looked forward to reading this one but gasp it was to much for me. I couldn't connect to the characters and didn't really get were all the sexual attraction came from. For me the way teh story started was too easy and I was shaking my head most of teh time. Perhaps I was just not in the mood for a sexy read. Will give it another try in the future, when I feel more in a smexy mood.

How was your reading December?

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