May 29, 2009

Star Trek without Klingons?

We started at home some kind of never ending Star Trek watching and I know who's fault that is: mine. I just said absently to my boyfriend: "I can't remember what happend in the last episode of Voyager." So that was stated and nothing could save me. I thought in the beginning we just watch all seasons of Voyager but I was wrong.

We started at the beginning - Star Trek - The Original Series. After I survived all episodes, with some muttering of "Seventy!!!" when there was some Lieutenant in a mini, we continued with Picard & Co. This I enjoyed so much more because it's waking memories of family TV-sessions in my youth. I especially loved the episodes with Q or Data as Sherlock Holmes.

So we are currently watching DS9 and I have to say the first three seasons aren't so great. But now that we started season 3 I understand why:

Star Trek without Klingons is not the same.

This species is so charismatic and lovable - I can totally understand why they put Worf back in the story.

So I have to wait a only a little bit longer to see the last episode of Voyager.
Yeah, I know. I should just take the DVD and watch it but cheating is so not my style.


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